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New Releases just added today (February 9th, 2018):


Another Anime Con 2015's Masquerade


SacAnime Winter 2015's Masquerade

SacAnime Winter 2016's Cosplay Masquerade

SacAnime Winter 2017's Masquerade


Ohayocon 2006's Cosplay Contest

Ohayocon 2007's cosplay Contest

Ohayocon 2014's Cosplay Masquerade

Ohayocon 2015's Cosplay Masquerade

Ohayocon 2016's Cosplay Expo


LonCon3's Masquerade (Worldcon 72)

MidAmeriCon II's Masquerade (Worldcon 74)


Arisia 2017's Masquerade


La Mascarade D'Hiver De G-Anime 2015

La Mascarade D'Hiver De G-Anime 2016

La Mascarade D'Hiver De G-Anime 2017


Are you attending Costume Con 36 this year? If so, bring along some of your old masquerade videos and DVDs and have them added to the Costuming Archives and the ICG archives.