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New Releases and News


Effective April 1st, 2018, the following producers are allowing Rare Recorded Videos, LLC to hold their products at our warehouse :

Anime Pearl

Daewoo International

Flying Dragons Productions

Furries' World Productions

Video Yesteryear


Westminster Incorporated.


This means that all processing and shipping will be handled by Rare Recorded Videos, LLC. A shorter delivery time will be realized and the elimination of currency exchange on their products. 

Though the change and processing are on April 1st, 2018, the web pages might still reflex the old information. These pages will be updated as quickly as possible.


The following DVDs were added to our collection on March 29th, 2018:


Costume Con 24's Science Fiction And Fantasy Masquerade (New Renaissance Video)


Anime USA 2012's Masquerade

Anime USA 2016's Masquerade

Anime USA 2017's Masquerade


Katsucon 16's Cosplay Masquerade

Katsucon 2015's Cosplay Masquerade


Another Anime Con 2013's Masquerade


MegaCon 2002's Costume Contest

Megacon 2006's Costume Contest

Megacon 2007's Costume Contest

MegaCon 2009's Costume Contest

Costume Con 38 was cancelled this year due the current pandemic.