Marcon is a full-spectrum fantasy and science fiction convention based in Columbus, Ohio, and was originally on the third weekend in March, and later moved to the Easter weekend and now is on Mother's Day weekend, where it should stay. It is now operated by the Columbus-based Science Oriented Literature, Art, and Education Foundation, a non-profit educational corporation.

Marcon offers a dozen tracks of programming in art, costuming, fan, filk, literary, media, and science, as well as events and displays including a masquerade, art show, dealers room, multiple 24-hour video tracks, 7,000 square feet (650 m2) of gaming space, and at least one dance. Marcon runs a children's track of programming that has included independent filmmakers helping the kids create their own movies (The Curse of Monster X, Return of the Red Shirts) and many hands-on art, costuming, and science programs. It is the oldest and largest sci-fi convention in the state of Ohio.

Marcon 25

Marcon 25 was held from Friday, May 18th, 1990 to Sunday, May 20th, 1990 in Columbus, Ohio, USA.


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